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Professional Wedding Photography 

Whether you're planning a wedding on a grand scale or a smaller, simpler affair with just your family members and close friends in attendance, I can  capture the day for you in a friendly and unobtrusive manner. Fritz Curzon Photography, recently moved to Uley, Gloucestershire, specialises in wedding photography, and shoots Weddings throughout the UK.

Cake Time

Emphasising Natural Beauty in My Photos

My wedding photos are known for their naturalness. I do not retouch my photos, except for aesthetic purposes, so as to avoid taking away from their authenticity; genuinely cherished memories. With the latest, top-of-the-range equipment, I like using natural light where possible.

Past couples have often commented on how my photographs have captured moments of which they had not even been aware, and reminded them of guests they had all but missed. I make myself discreet while I shoot a wedding, and cause as little disruption as possible to avoid taking away from the moment.

One-on-One Consultation

Ring me to schedule a time and day to meet and discuss your specific needs. We will chat about the different types of shots you may have in mind, from preparations to the end of the occasion. In general I do not regard a Wedding as a Photo session. It is a Celebration and a Party first and foremost and whilst some photographs, especially the larger groups, need planning, they should take as little time as possible to let you spend the time with your family, friends and guests.

I can generally meet you at your convenience, whether it is a few months or a few weeks before your wedding. If you are located further across the country, I charge a small free for travel.

Many brides enjoy having their wedding photos compiled in a book or an album. I am more than happy to accommodate this request if you are interested.

Contact me to set up a time and day to discuss how you want your wedding photos shot.

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